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L’UniThéâtre is the only professional francophone theatre company in Alberta and as such we are dedicated to the development of the francophone community and to the promotion of the French language and French-language cultural expressions in Edmonton, Alberta and throughout Canada.

Crème Eng



Nine-year-old Crème-Glacée can’t eat ice cream because her name is already sweet enough. It doesn’t bother her too much, as long as someone reads her a story. But her mom is a very busy woman who too often leaves her to go save the environment and never finishes her stories. Samantha the babysitter, a lawbreaking teenager who likes languid music, is regularly teleported to take care of the little girl. One night, as Samantha is taking care of her, Crème-Glacée wins a bet, and gets permission to eat ice cream… And she falls into the tub! There, she meets the Bored Old Lady and discovers that this old woman knows her Mom quite well. Through this encounter Crème-Glacée sees her mother in a different light and learns more about adulthood.