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L’UniThéâtre is Edmonton's only professional francophone theatre company and has a provincial mandate. We are dedicated to the development of the francophone community and to the promotion of the French language and French-language cultural expressions in Edmonton, Alberta and throughout Canada. // L'UniThéâtre est la seule compagnie de théâtre professionnel francophone à Edmonton et a un mandat provincial. Nous sommes dédiés au développement de la communauté francophone et à la promotion des expressions langagières et culturelles en français à Edmonton, en Alberta et à travers le Canada.

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Bibish de Kinshasa

Bibish de Kinshasa

(En français with english surtitles)




An adaptation of the novel « Samantha à Kinshasa »

 by Marie-Louise Bibish Mumbu

Theatrical adaptation by / Directed by  Philippe Ducros

Starring Gisèle Kayembewith Marie-Louise Bibish Mumbu, Philippe Ducros and Papy Maurice Mbwiti

Technical Director & Stage Manager (tour) Samuel Patenaude
Technical Assistant Jeanne Fortin-Legris
Technical Director (creation) Caroline Turcot
Tour Director Clémence Doray
Assistant Director Manon Claveau
Lighting Design Thomas Godefroid
Set Design Julie Vallée-Léger

Artistic & General Director Philippe Ducros
Assistant General Director Charlotte Ménard
Administrative Director Marie-Christine André
Communications Marie Semel
Broadcasting Suzie Larivée

L'UniThéâtre has selected "Bibish de Kinshasa" in recognition that there is an ever-growing Franco-African community in Edmonton and to reflect the flourishing cultural diversity within Alberta's Francophone communities.


BIBISH DE KINSHASA is an adaptation of the novel Samantha à Kinshasa, written by Marie-Louise Bibish Mumbu in 2008 in Kinshasa, the capital city of the Democratic Republic of Congo where the author was born. The book has since been republished in 2015 in Montreal, where she now lives. 

This play was created in October 2015 at the théâtre Espace Libre in Montreal.

A journalist leaves her native country, a scene of love and grief, in search of a better future. On an Airbus, a dizzying uncertainty strikes her. Did she make the right choice? Digging deep in her memories she reflects on what she is leaving behind.

As the evening unfolds, the Congo's odors, vapors and cacophony mingle, the new immigrant guides us through the streets and districts of the megalopolis that is Kinshasa, the 4th most populated city of Africa. Little by little, we encounter the creaturesof thispowerful capital, its youth competing in a fashion war, its street children and child soldiers, its Kombi drivers, this uniquepublic transport in which the population piles in,  searching for food...

A combination of a meal between friends and a geopolitical discussion, this guided tour of the main character's memories is interrupted by informal exchanges with the author and the director on topics regarding the realities of the Congo and its challenges, as well as its connection with Canada. Since 1994, the deadliest conflict since World War II has been occurring on Congolese soil, resulting in the death of 3 to 6 million citizens. The militias arm themselves by selling their occupied zones to international mining companies, and it is said that 75% of the world's mining industry is registered in Canada... 


A few words from the author about BIBISH DE KINSHASA (French only)