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L’UniThéâtre is Edmonton's only professional francophone theatre company and has a provincial mandate. We are dedicated to the development of the francophone community and to the promotion of the French language and French-language cultural expressions in Edmonton, Alberta and throughout Canada. // L'UniThéâtre est la seule compagnie de théâtre professionnel francophone à Edmonton et a un mandat provincial. Nous sommes dédiés au développement de la communauté francophone et à la promotion des expressions langagières et culturelles en français à Edmonton, en Alberta et à travers le Canada.


A New Initiative for Children...


interactive stories for children

Fabula-Fabulis, L'UniThéâtre's newest initiative, is a series of interactive stories for young children (2 to 5 years old) and their families. This initiative serves as an introduction to storytelling, to the French language, and to theatre. When we encourage children to gain an interest in developing their creative side, their appreciation for the arts is enrichened!

***these are FRENCH language events!***


The Fabula-Fabulis storytelling sessions take place in the Studio Yolande Proulx (theatre of La Cité francophone) at 11AM.


(Scroll down to read the synopses) 

mimi et cha cha

by pierrette requier

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Mimi and Cha Cha live quite an ordinary and quiet life in a suburb of Montreal... until they discover the password that makes their travelling umbrella fly. They decide to make a surprise visit to grand-maman out West.

What adventures they will have!

michelle et ses vrais pouvoirs magiques

by paula humby

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Michelle has always had her head in the clouds (which sometimes causes her problems at school). But when her Mom does not come to pick her up from school, Michelle will have to use her imagination (with the help of the audience) to find her way home. In this story filled with songs, children aged 2 to 5 years old will discover the magic of the imagination and will learn that it is possible to resolve problems by using it!


by joëlle préfontaine

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Mémix wants to tell you a story about travelling, meeting people, and self-discovery, filled with rituals and learned languages. Be ready for a journey that will expose you to these rituals and have you creating and discovering!

NOTE TO PARENTS : We play with language! This is a story told in many languages. While French is predominant, you and your child(ren) will hear other languages, as well as 'hybrid languages'.


nkoy, le roi léopard

by robert suraki watum

Saturday, May 19, 2018

The leopard king claimed to have killed a leopard by hand and became a tyranous ruler of his subjects. He did not tolerate crticism or opposition. When he became sick, he sent for all of the sorcerers and shamans of the kingdom, but no one could cure him. Even though he thought he was immortal, the leopard king dies, leading to the fall of the great baobab tree.