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L’UniThéâtre is the only professional francophone theatre company in Alberta and as such we are dedicated to the development of the francophone community and to the promotion of the French language and French-language cultural expressions in Edmonton, Alberta and throughout Canada.

La Plume Parlante


La Plume Parlante

La Plume parlante is an initiative aimed at aspiring writers/creators from Alberta’s Francophone/franco-immersive communities. L’UniThéâtre recognizes the need to develop playwrights and considers this an essential component in contributing to our cultural community and beyond.

La Plume parlante is an open writing circle and forum for hopeful playwrights/theatre creators who would like to develop their skills, be they nascent or dormant, in a nurturing and inviting environment.

This initiative provides emerging writers an opportunity to write and share their work (in French!) on a weekly basis. It is customized according to those who participate and evolves accordingly. It is also flexible, allowing participants to come and go according to their own schedules and timelines. One might imagine a drop-in writer’s unit if you will.

Facilitated by Alodie Larochelle, a writer and theatre artist representing a new and youthful generation, this initiative helps nourish L’UniThéâtre’s À VOIX HAUTE series which showcases three to four plays throughout the year.