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8627 91 Street
Edmonton, AB, T6C 3N1


L’UniThéâtre is Edmonton's only professional francophone theatre company and has a provincial mandate. We are dedicated to the development of the francophone community and to the promotion of the French language and French-language cultural expressions in Edmonton, Alberta and throughout Canada. // L'UniThéâtre est la seule compagnie de théâtre professionnel francophone à Edmonton et a un mandat provincial. Nous sommes dédiés au développement de la communauté francophone et à la promotion des expressions langagières et culturelles en français à Edmonton, en Alberta et à travers le Canada.

Dramaturgical Development

L’UniThéâtre’s initiatives to develop the continuation of francophone dramaturgy in Alberta.


L'UniThéâtre strives to support our local writers and artsits. In order to ensure the continuation of our community's storytelling, we offer playwrights the chance to participate in La Plume parlante, a playwrighting circle peppered with workshops led by professional artists. From there, we present new works in our public reading series À voix haute, which is the first chance for the writers to hear their work read out loud by professional actors for an audience. Finally, Coup d’œil, play workshopping/lab series, puts new works that are in the final stages of the creative process on their feet to allow the playwrights to see one of many possible staging choices in order to help them continue the editing their work. These three initiatives, all the while supporting our community's artists and writers, equally allow L'UniThéâtre to find local works that can be included in future seasons' programming.

Learn more about awards presented by L'UniThéâtre to members of our community for their involvement.

Thank you to the  Coalition des femmes de l'Alberta  for supporting dramaturgical development!

Thank you to the Coalition des femmes de l'Alberta for supporting dramaturgical development!